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Timing is everything. This statement can apply to many areas of life, and one of those areas is the automobile engine. With engine parts spinning around and around thousands of times every minute, proper timing is a must! This is ensured by a component known as the timing belt.

This belt is an often-overlooked item during maintenance, but when broken will not allow the car to run at all. If it breaks, the best-case scenario is to be stranded and inconvenienced somewhere on the road, needing to call a tow truck, and then getting your timing belt replaced. But on some engines, if it is what is called an ‘interference’ engine, a broken timing belt will cause severe internal engine damage, requiring an engine rebuild from Omaha Mechanics at a shop like Auto Station.

All of this can be avoided by a relatively inexpensive timing belt replacement at the manufacturer’s recommended mileage interval by Omaha Mechanics.

A timing belt looks similar to the accessory — or serpentine — belt(s) under the hood of your vehicle, though timing belts are much more durable and sophisticated. The function of the timing belt is to transfer the rotation created by the crankshaft (which is connected to the pistons) to the camshaft (which is responsible for opening the valves). The valves need to open and close at precisely the right time in order to allow the engine to run properly. And in the case of an ‘interference’ engine, the valves need to close in time to avoid getting hit by the piston.

This belt usually needs to be changed every 60,000-90,000 miles, but consult Omaha Mechanics at a trusted repair facility like Auto Station for the exact mileage.

Timing belts are not visible when looking under the hood, which is why many people overlook having them replaced. In order to gain access to the belt, other components, such as the alternator, serpentine belt, and water pump must be removed.

For this reason, as well as for your convenience, and also to save money, have the water pump replaced anytime you have the timing belt replaced, or vice versa. Keeping on top of this service with Omaha Mechanics will keep you and your vehicle safely on the road.