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I have after many years, decided to write you a thank you letter. I have said “thanks” many times in person but a letter might put more of a personal touch to it.

I have used many of the repair shops on this side of town, and have spent more money on the things they were paid to do but didn’t and again paid the price on the road. This is frustrating.

Since I met you and your staff I have had nothing but good things to say about your shop. I have told many people who complain about car problems about you. I have heard you go way of your way to help troubled customers stranded on the road, on the phone dealing with people who know nothing about a ca and still paint an understanding picture of the issue.

Lance, I am a soldier and have deployed many time in the past few years, I have told my wife that no one is to touch her car but your shop. When asked why, I didn’t blink an eye when words like personal excellence, integrity, and accountability, and you have built effective relationships between your customers and your shop.

Nothing in the world means as much as when I call my wife, and ask how things are going and because of you I have no issues with my autos and this what I need to hear. Before ou, my wife was overcharged many time by other shops and this is a ball buster, never once did I hear say this to me, or when we are talking to other people did I hear her say anything but good things.

Hell, even your wife know what the heck she is doing in the auto business, later last year after I just got back, she told me about something to help boost my gas mileage it cost me a few buck, but on that trip my gas mileage almost double. Now I spending less on gas put more in my pocket and you got to love that.

Now, let me put the B.S aside, I truly appreciated you and the way you do business it’s a relief to be able to sent my wife to you and you have nothing but her well being in mind. And when she travel to come and see me I have the knowing she will be safe and arrive to me, this is called a good piece of mind and we all need that once in a while and you give me just that.

Again thanks for everything

SFC Mark Wood
United States National Guard

Dear Lance,

I wanted to put into writing the tremendous experience I have encountered with you and your employees at the Auto Station.

A few weeks ago I encountered a problem with the vehicle I have recently acquired. A 1993 Chevy Corsica was given to me after it had been sitting for over a 6-month period. In addition to the exhaust problem the car had, there was a transmission that needed to be rebuilt. At the time, I was a victim of a recent dot com layoff for a start up company in Dallas, TX. After taking my severance package, I decided to move back home to the good people of Nebraska. Low on cash, I was doubtful that I would have the money to fix the problem(s) the car had to have fixed in order for it to run properly. The pricing that Lance gave me on the work to be done was second only to the excellent customer service provided by Lance himself and the other employees at the Auto Station. As the primary Nation Account Representative for Computer Cable Connection of Bellevue, I encounter directors of all types and sizes. From CEO’s of several fortune 500 companies to people like Lance himself, I can sincerely say that the overall service of Lance and his staff is unmatched in ANY industry. In addition, I would like to personally recommend the Auto Station and Lance for any type of maintenance and repairs needed for a car or truck. After several visits at the Auto Station and meeting with other customers of Lance’s, it is quite apparent that my views do not stand-alone. Please take this letter into Consideration the next time a situation with a vehicle of your own incurs a problem. Please feel free to contact me in regards to this excellent experience I have had, and
Consider the Auto Station a strongly reputable business with proper standards in place.


Brian Barnes
National Account Representative
Computer Cable Connection

Dear Lance:

I want to take this opportunity to again thank you for going out of your way to help my wife and I with our vehicle’s transmission problems on Saturday, August 29, 2008

I want the public to know that we experienced our problems while traveling through Omaha on the way to visit our son in Colorado. We were on a very tight schedule and the Last problem we needed was we needed was to have engine problems on a late Saturday afternoon which normally would not have been addressed till Monday. Our trip would have been a failure.

Even though we pulled into your shop shortly before closing, you personally took the time including driving over and picking up the parts needed to repair our problem. Your service was EXTRAORDINARY and your manner was friendly and courteous as we have ever experienced.

I wish you and your business much success and I know that any customer who receives Your service will be a customer for life.


Jack Fitzpatrick

Dear Lance:

I phoned the Chamber Office today to get your address. This past summer I, along with a Twenty-five person cycling team, limped into Council Bluffs with an ailing vehicle. We were about 800 miles into our travels headed for Logan, Utah. It was Saturday morning and the prospects of getting mechanical help were looking slim since it was the weekend.

We scoured Council Bluffs hitting all the auto business that sold the brand of parts for the vehicle we were driving. We could not, in all of Council Bluffs, come up with anyone who could help. The thing that was most discouraging was the lack of interest on behalf of the dealers who make a living selling and maintaining cars and trucks like ours.

So we headed for Omaha and bumped into the same weekend type of attitude… “Sorry come back Monday” I wonder if the car dealers realize the number of travelers that do the heaviest part of their driving over the weekend? There should be a net-working that one could plug into for assistance. Don’t make someone 800 miles away from home go begging on the weekend.

After a couple hours of driving throughout Omaha and many dead lands, we hit pay dirt. There was a line of customers, but we finally got our turn. The owner listened to our story and before we know it our truck, loaded with bikes was up on the rack receiving attention. The problem was located, parts tracked down and repairs made. Four hours later we were on the road with no more problems and a 5,000-mile tour completed.

What a blessing to be cared for in such a professional manner. The Auto Station, run by Lance Buick, is a real ambassador for the state of Nebraska and a friend to weekend travelers.

Warm regards,

Bob Davenport